Honeymoon Destinations

We recently added a lot of hotel attributes to our data mining, like "golf hotels", "wellness hotels", "hotels with wifi" and hundreds more. To celebrate, we thought we'd take a look at "honeymoon hotels".

We analyzed 5.150.000 booking request for "honeymoon hotels" made between August 1st and 30th.

So here are some insights into how the German's want to spend their honeymoon.

Where to?

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Long distance, "dream" destinations are clearly most popular.

How to stay?

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The ordinary doubleroom will have to do for most. But "once-in-a-lifetime" roomtypes like suites and villas are also in demand.

What to eat?

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Who needs food when you've found love? Apparently over 52% of honeymooners can't sustain themselves on love alone and prefer all-inclusive accommodation.

Where to stay?

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The Kuredo Island Resort in the Maledives was the most popular honeymoon hotel in August.


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